What’s On the Menu at Rio+20?

By Seyyada A Burney

Independent ethics consultant, Frances Kissling, and bioethics professor, Peter Singer, important questions about the issue of food and sustainability at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

Serving meat at Rio+20 could jeopardize all our efforts to combat climate change. (Image credit: Washington Post)

Overlooking the amount of resources consumed throughout the conference only confirms the international communities greatest fears about the applicability of Rio+20 agreements. Indeed, global climate change leaders’ meat consumption could make Rio+20 one of the most unsustainable sustainable development conferences!

“No one really believes that the Rio+20 meeting will result in a new agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions,” argue Kissling and Singer. “In that case, the best thing the conference could do for the climate is to remove meat from the menu — and to make a big deal about it. Everyone at that meeting should know that meats a major contributor to climate change. It is also one problem that can be solved more quickly than others. Cutting out meat would do more to help combat climate change than any other action we could feasibly take in the next 20 years.”

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Seyyada Burney is a Research Intern at Nourishing the Planet.

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