Welcome to NtP’s Newest Member!

Matt Styslinger has a BA in Anthropology from The University of Texas and graduated from SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont in 2009 with an MA in Sustainable Development, with a focus on Monitoring and Evaluation. Fulfilling the practice phase of the degree, he served six months as Student Researcher at BRAC, a large NGO dedicated to ending poverty in Bangladesh, where he designed and conducted an assessment of the Clean Water Options component of BRAC’s Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) program. Before graduating and relocating to Washington, DC, he worked with a small US-based NGO called NextAid in Johannesburg, South Africa doing grant research and proposal writing for eco-focused projects addressing the AIDS orphan crisis in Africa. Matt has also served as Program Associate in World Learning for International Development’s Program Development Unit in Washington, DC.

Over the past six years, Matt has lived in Vietnam, Mexico, Bangladesh and South Africa teaching English and been working with NGOs dedicated to sustainability. Living overseas has inspired his passion for environmental sustainability in the developing world, and watershed issues in particular. He is also a photographer, and has photographed programs in the field for both BRAC and NextAid. He is thrilled to be on board as Nourishing the Planet’s newest research intern.

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