Veggies Going Once, Going Twice

Check out this article by Nourishing the Planet’s co-project Director Brian Halweil in the Huffington Post on how New York City’s Sotheby’s is putting heirloom vegetables, rather than antiques, on the auction block.

photo credit: Bernard Pollack

The Art of Farming project, an initiative of Sotheby’s staff and their farmer friends, is trying to garner support for the thousands of heirloom varieties of tomatoes, apples, seeds, and livestock that have been nearly lost to extinction as our food system has become more streamlined and the hardworking farmers who still grow them. It is also trying to make us realize that the price of good food and a healthy ecosystem full of diverse crops is worth every dollar and every bit of labor that goes into growing it.

To read more about  heirloom varieties and the people who keep them growing see: Seeding Food Security, Maintaining the Diversity of Food Crops: An Interview with Gary Paul Nabhan, Restoring Biodiversity to Improve Food Security and Malawi’s Real “Miracle”

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