Trouble on the Land

Tonight, check out this broadcast of “Dan Rather Reports”, where they travel to Tanzania to investigate the issue of land grabs.

Photo credit: HDNet

With global population set to rise to 9 billion by mid-century and an estimated 90 percent of the world’s arable land already being cultivated, scientists worry that we could be on the brink of a global food crisis. And with the land going for pennies on the dollar, big U.S. investors have started putting money into agriculture in Africa. But, they are not just buying commodities or stock – investors are buying the farmland directly.

These investments have posed the underlying question: Will these massive farms help feed the continent or are they just “land grabs”?

The broadcast will be at 8 PM on HDNet. Click here for more information on the program.

What do you think? Are large-scale land investments a problem or a solution to food insecurity in Africa?

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