Aug 052009

What would happen if a city banned outdoor advertising? The city of São Paulo did that back in 2006. Looking to see if the ban was still in effect today turned up this little video on the blog The Pop-Up City.  Take a look to see how different São Paulo looks now that it isn’t blanketed by shells, golden arches, and other corporate logos.

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  4 Responses to “What Does a City Without Advertising Look Like?”

  1. A very big difference indeed! Buildings look like buildings again without the advertisements to cover their facades. But how is it that McDonalds, Xerox, and Kodak still kept their signs up? What does this say about contemporary consumer culture, where certain brand names selectively receive sign posting privileges? Does this mean that easily recognizable names are already integrated in our common vocabulary so as not to consciusly appear to us as advertisements? It gives us something to think about in the absence of those distracting ads.

  2. What a wonderful contrast! Business and life continue without the visual pollution of large, obnoxious ads and logos. What would Times Square look like without ads? Like a great, livable city. Sao Paulo has set a fantastic example. Let’s spread the word!

  3. Anyone notice that it looked like some of those businesses had closed down by the time the secondary photos were taken? A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in this case, I’d have liked some words of context. 🙂

  4. […] least until all ads have warning labels on them or are banned outright from public spaces like in São Paulo. Source: Worldwatch Institute: Transforming Cultures Liked this post? your thoughts are […]

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