Nov 122012

Center for a New American Dream and Janelle Orsi created a new video, "Share Spray"

Recently the Center for a New American Dream produced a little video called “Share Spray: A New Way To Do Everything.” This animation is a short, 5 minute reminder that you don’t need magic to build community, you just have to see the world a bit differently. The vacuum in your closet that you use once a week (ok, maybe more like once a month) could be shared with 1, 2, even more neighbors. Your tools, the beach cooler you use a couple of times a year, all these things could be swapped, traded, passed along.

The only thing missing is the will, and admittedly the time to organize these exchanges. But while the video doesn’t get into this, over the long-term, a sharing way of life can add time back to one’s day. By owning fewer things, you can work less (since you won’t need to buy as much), and you’ll have less stuff to maintain (get rid of your car and no more oil changes). But more importantly, you’ll have a larger network of neighbors that you can rely on and ask for help–which is worth the time investment both in good times and bad.


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  2 Responses to “Share Spray for All Your Community-Building Needs”

  1. […] Ok, this video is pretty awful – but I do like the story of starting with a vacuum cleaner and ending with a sharing economy. Erik Assadourian. […]

  2. Love the video! I’ve built something pretty close to the share spray with SkyLib, which aims to be a library of stuff you can borrow from friends and neighbors. It comes in three flavors: web, Android and iPhone. If you happen to have one of those smartphones, you can point them at the item you want to share, scan its barcode and it’s instantly shared!

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