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Erik discusses the interface between population and consumption on Channel 4 as population reaches 7 billion.

State of the World 2010 Project Director Erik Assadourian presents the findings of State of the World 2012 at Allegheny College on Earth Day:

Erik launches the report at the State of the World Symposium in Washington:

Part II:

Chris Jordan, cover artist for State of the World 2010 presents his work at the State of the World Symposium:

Chris continues, detailing his trip to Midway island to look at the more visible effects of our plastic litter.

Worldwatch Senior Researcher Gary Gardner Discusses Religion’s Role in Combating Consumerism:

Erik answers the questions at the US Embassy in Madrid (fortunately not under spotlights):

Erik applies the Transforming Cultures methodology to creating a regional food economy in Vancouver:

(For full event visit Metro Vancouver’s website.)

Erik presents at the opening of new Greek environmental group (and Worldwatch partner), Organization Earth.

Other Links:

Erik gives a one-minute overview of State of the World 2010 for Meet the Author.

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