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Thanks for your interest in State of the World 2010.
Here is a link to the final Press Release and to the final Press Statement.
And here is a link to download the accompanying Slide Show.

Click on the links below for news stories about State of the World 2010 and the Transforming Cultures Project. The report was released on January 12th, 2010. For the final press release click here, and for the final press statement click here.




В чем сила Авоськи?, VOA Russia, Moscow, Russia

America’s Increasing Consumption: Living Here Makes You Spend More, by Jane O’Brien, BBC, 24 Oct 2011

Industry helps defeat Va. plastic-bag tax bill, by Zinie Chen Sampson, Associated Press, 1 Feb 2011

Workers of the World, Relax, by Zoe Cormier, New Internationalist, 1 Jul 2010

Report: Consumerism must be halted to save the planet, CNN, 13 Jan 2010

Seeking a Consumer Culture Revolution by Matthew Berger, IPS, 12 Jan 2010

Climate Change: Meat-Eating Gets Grilled by Paul Virgo, IPS, 17 Dec 2009


How to Make Your Company Green, by Jane Paige, The Business Journals, 24 January 2012

Lawmaker Proposes 20-cent Plastic Bag Tax For Virginia, by Martin Di Caro, WMAL, 10 January 2012

Live from SXSW Eco: Engineering a Sustainable Culture, by Beth Buczynski, Care2, 6 October 2011

Population Growth and Ecological Footprint–It’s About Equity, Environment, and Preventing Collapse, by Matthew McDermott, Treehugger, 15 February 2011

Connections, Radio Interview with Liz Lane, 18 February 2011

Surreal News, Radio Interview, 18 February 2011

All Consuming, by David Biello, Momentum, Summer 2010

Green Moving Guide, by Christina Couch, AOL Real Estate, 14 July 2010

Debate: Plastic Bags–Tax or Ban Is the Only Question, by Erik Assadourian, AOL News, 7 June 2010

Radio Ecoshock Show (Audio Interview with Erik Assadourian) by Alex Smith, 14 Feb 2010

Musical Message: Singing Our Way to the Next Culture Change by Jan Lundberg, Culture Change, 07 Feb 2010

Book Review: State of the World 2010 by John Ivanko, The Inspired Economist, 27 Jan 2010

New Study Says Technological Advances Alone Cannot Save The Environment (Video) by Zulima Palacio, Voice of America News, 23 Jan 2010

Sustainability Segment of Mind Over Matters (Audio) by Diane Horn, KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle, 23 Jan 2010. Enter 7 AM Saturday, January 23, under listen by time to hear the segment.

Environmental ills? It’s consumerism, stupid by David Biello, Scientific American, 22 Jan 2010

High consumerism in U.S., Europe leads to destruction of earth by Mayra Rivarola, Kansas State Collegian, 22 Jan 2010

Bill Gates’ Vision of Combating Climate Change is Mostly Myopic, Out of Touch, and a Little Bit Scary by Matthew McDermott, Treehugger, 21 Jan 2010

2009 CSR Year in Review: Corporate Social Responsibility Solidifies Into a Movement by Bill Baue, CSRwire, 20 Jan 2010

Working less helps people to live more by Paul Hanley, The StarPhoenix, 19 Jan 2010

If Consumerism is Destroying the Planet How Can I Opt Out? by Matt McDermott, Planet Green, 18 Jan 2010

State of the World 2010, Submitted by DonnErisman,, 17 Jan 2010

Cult of Consumerism at Root of Planet’s Environmental Degradation & Destruction by Matthew McDermott, Treehugger, 15 Jan 2010

Game-Changer: Shifting Culture from Consumerism to Sustainability (with a link to Sea Change Radio Interview with Co-Host Kelsey Flynn and Bill Baue) by Kristin Vorbohle, CSR-News, 14 Jan 2010

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page, Story #6 by Rush Limbaugh,, 14 Jan 2010

Greed is US by Nick Rosen, Off-Grid, 14 Jan 2010

The Biodiversity Test by Rémi Parmentier, Chez Rémi, 14 Jan 2010

Consumerism overhaul needed to avoid ecological collapse: report, Environmental Management News, 13 Jan 2010

Break with consumerism to save the world, Worldwatch report urges by Agence France-Presse, Grist, 12 Jan 2010

Worldwatch: Solving the Climate Crisis Will Take a Cultural Transformation by Matthew Berger, SolveClimate, 12 Jan 2010

Consumer culture has replaced religion by Paul Hanley, The StarPhoenix, 12 Jan 2010

Can we transform consumer culture minus Project Mayhem? by Greenbang, 12 Jan 2010

Report: Let’s Leave Consumerism Before It Leaves Us by Greenbang, 12 Jan 2010

Wanted: A cultural revolution by Marc Gunther, The Energy Collective, 12 Jan 2010

2010 State of the World – Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainability (excerpt), Energy Bulletin, 12 Jan 2010

Book Review by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice, Jan 2010

Today on Planet 100: Clean Energy Jobs, State of the World (Video) by David DeFranza, Treehugger, 11 Jan 2010

State of the World 2010. Can Consumer Culture Be Transformed? by Deborah Byrd, EarthSky, 08 Jan 2010

State of the World 2010. Consumer Cultures Need Overhaul to Avert Ecological Collapse by Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya, Standard Times Press, 03 Jan 2010


World Population to Reach 7 Billion, Channel 4, 24 October 2010

The Ecologist’s Top Ten Summer Eco Reads, by Claire Baylis, The Ecologist, 29 July 2010

Consumable Drift by Erik Assadourian, Green World Online, 2010

Erik Assadourian: our society needs some serious cultural engineering by Matilda Lee, The Ecologist, 10 Mar 2010

Is Social Marketing Our Last Chance to Change People? by Jonah Sachs and Susan Finkelpearl, The Ecologist, 13 April 2010

‘Green building’ costs grossly overestimated says study, EurActiv, 29 Jan 2010

Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainability by Ian Jones, Groundswell, 16 Jan 2010

Out of Control Consumerism is the Chief Threat to the Planet by Bill Jones, Skipper, 14 Jan 2010

Worldwatch says we must avert ecological collapse!, 4ecotips, 14 Jan 2010

Break with consumerism to save the world, report urges by Relax News, The Independent, 13 Jan 2010

US cult of greed is now a global environmental threat by Suzanne Goldenburg, The Guardian, 13 Jan 2010

Human civilisation ‘will collapse’ unless greed culture is stopped, report warns by Andrew Hough (UK), 13 Jan 2010

The End of Consumerism: Our Way of Life is Not ‘Viable’ by Jonathan Owen, The Independent, 10 Jan 2010


Agora é legal (Brazil) by Ateneia Feijó, O Globo, 6 Jul 2010

Consumo Demais, Planeta De Menos (Brazil), Clic RBS, 5 Jul 2010

Relatório mundial defende nova cultura de consumo (Brazil), Diário do Pará, 3 Jul 2010

Somente 16% da população mundial consome 78% da produção do globo (Brazil), Correio Do Estado, 2 Jul 2010

Consumo cresce seis vezes em 50 anos (Brazil), by Karina Ninni, Estadão, 29 Jun 2010

Estudo mostra consumo excessivo e desigual no planeta (Brazil), O Globo, 2 Feb 2010

Consumismo é ameaça ambiental global, adverte relatório (Brazil), Estadao, 18 Jan 2010

Fim do consumismo seria a única saída para o planeta (Brazil), Agrosoft Brazil, 14 Jan 2010


Maailman tila -raportti: Vähemmän on enemmän, Suomen Kuvalehti, 20 Feb 2010

Paljonko on paljon? by Satu Hassi, Vihreä De Grona, 20 Feb 2010

Tutkija: Lopettakaa ekosyyllistäminen by Kirsi Hantula, Kauppalehti, 20 Feb 2010

Mieti miksi kulutat by Seija Holtari, Talouselama, 19 Feb 2010

Pietikäinen ylikulutuksesta: Asenteiden pitää muuttua by Heikki Jantunen, Verkkouutiset, 19 Feb 2010

Maailman tila 2010: Nykyinen kulutuskulttuuri ei voi jatkua by Riitta Saarinen, Global.Finland, 19 Feb 2010

Mikä on maailman tila, Erik Assadourian, Vihrea Lanka, 18 Feb 2010

Teollisuusmaiden luovuttava kulutuskeskeisyydestä, MTV3, 18 Feb 2010

Maailman tila 2010: Kulutuskulttuurin nousu ja tuho by Leo Stranius, 18 Feb 2010

Worldwatch varoittaa: Kulutuskulttuuri tiensä päässä, Ilta Sanomat, 18 Feb 2010

Worldwatch vaatii kulutusta kuriin by Heikki Vuorela, Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, 15 Jan 2010


Wie Konsum nachhaltig werden kann by Ulrike Henning, Neues Deutschland, 20 Mar 2010

US-Forscher prophezeien neuen Öko-Wohlstand by Claudia Ehrenstein, Welt Online, 19 Mar 2010

Studie: Konsum plündert die Erde aus,, 19 Mar 2010

Bericht “Zur Lage der Welt 2010”: Konsum ist mitverantwortlich für Zerstörung globaler Ökosysteme,, 19 Mar 2010

“Lage der Welt”: Konsum plündert den Planeten,, 19 Mar 2010

Umweltschützer mahnen zur Abkehr von Kosumkultur, AFP (Germany), 18 Mar 2010

Als Klimaschützer führend – in der Fantasie
by Joachim Türk , Ökonologie, 18 Mar 2010

Konsum mitverantwortlich für Zerstörung globaler Ökosysteme,, 18 Mar 2010

Worldwatch: Leitbild Konsum zerstört Lebensgrundlagen, Domradio, 18 Mar 2010

Umweltschützer mahnen zur Abkehr von Kosumkultur, Thüringer Allgemeine, 18 Mar 2010

Welt-Bericht: Konsum ist schlimmster Klimakiller, Greenpeace Magazin, 18 Mar 2010

Konsum ist schlimmster Klimakiller,, 18 Mar 2010

Sich die Welt schönkaufen by Nick Reimer, Taz, 18 Mar 2010

Umweltschützer mahnen zur Abkehr von Kosumkultur, Ostthüringer Zeitung, 18 Mar 2010

Konsum jenseits der Kapazitäten by Nick Reimer, Taz, 18 Mar 2010

Unser Konsum überfordert den Globus by Marlies Uken, Zeit Online, 18 Mar 2010

Das Glück liegt nicht im Konsum, MDR-Info , 18 Mar 2010

Konsum nach westlichem Muster ist der schlimmster Klimakiller, Ärzte Zeitung, 18 Mar 2010

Die ‘Lage der Welt 2010’: Konsum ist mitverantwortlich für Zerstörung globaler Ökosysteme,, 18 Mar 2010

Umweltschützer mahnen zur Abkehr von Kosumkultur, N24, 18 Mar 2010

Weniger Arbeiten für eine bessere Umwelt?, Tagesschau, 18 Mar 2010

Neue Konsumkultur gefragt (Article and Audio Interview) by Dieter Nürnberger, Deutschland Funk, 18 Mar 2010

Konsum mitverantwortlich für Zerstörung globaler Ökosysteme, Entwicklungspolitik Online, 18 Mar 2010

Ist nachhaltiges Verhalten steuerbar?,, 03 Mar 2010

Konsum zerstört globale Ökosysteme, Natur+Kosmos, 2010

Der aktuelle Bericht “Zur Lage der Welt 2010” des Worldwatch Institute in Washington D.C. fordert ein radikales Umdenken (Article and Audio Interview) by Guido Meyer, 18 Feb 2010

Friss und stirb by Von Dagmar Dehmer, Tagesspiegel (Germany), 14 Jan 2010

Ausartender Konsum ist Klimakiller Nummer eins, Welt Online (Germany), 13 Jan 2010

Worldwatch-Institut für neue Konsumkultur, Abendblatt, 13 Jan 2010

Worldwatch-Institut: Vauban ist ein Vorbild by Joachim Röderer, Badische Zeitung, 13 Jan 2010Konsum hat sich seit 1960 versechsfacht, Wir Klimaretter, 12 Jan 2010

Past Consumerism, Future Sustainability, Interview by Thalia Kartali, Kathimerini, 27 Nov 2010

As Normally Happens in Parks in Europe and America, Tania Georgiopoulos, Kathimerini, 23 Nov 2010

Anarchists, The Park, The State of the World, Xristos Dalkos, 21 Nov 2010


Reclaim Christmas, Do Not Buy Anything, by Alex Farkas, Corriere Della Sera, 13 Dec 2010.

Worldwatch: per un ambiente migliore serve cambiare mentalità by Licya Vari, Agenzia Radicale, 18 Jan 2010

Worldwatch Institute, per salvare il pianeta occorre rinunciare al consumismo sfrenato, Adnkronos, 18 Jan 2010

Worldwatch: I paesi ricchi divorano il pianeta (Video),, 15 Jan 2010

La Terra consumata by Susan Dabbous, Terra News, 13 Jan 2010

State of the World 2010: dal consumismo alla sostenibilità, Greenreport, 12 Jan 2010

I consumi divorano il pianeta in 5 anni aumentati del 28% by Antonio Cianciullo, La Repubblica, 12 Jan 2010


El bienestar no puede depender del consumo by M. A. Sanchez-Vallejo, El Pais, 3 May 2010

Un planeta enfermo de hiperactividad, El Mundo, 16 Mar 2010

Un informe alerta del consumismo suicida y propone un cambio cultural by Manu Mediscilla, Heraldo, 16 Mar 2010

Consumismo suicida by Manu Mediscilla, Diario de Leon, 16 Mar 2010

Objetivo: trabajar menos, larioja, 16 Mar 2010

Reducir el horario laboral mejora la calidad de vida y el medio ambiente, , 16 Mar 2010

Trabajar menos horas mejora la calidad de vida y el medio ambiente, Terra Noticias, 15 Mar 2010

Reducir el horario laboral mejora la calidad de vida y el medio ambiente,, 15 Mar 2010

Reducir el horario laboral mejora la calidad de vida y el medio ambiente, Intereconomía, 15 Mar 2010

Reducir el horario laboral mejora la calidad de vida y el medio ambiente, IMilenio, 15 Mar 2010

Consumismo suicida, Colpisa, 15 Mar 2010

Del consumismo hacia la sostenibilidad,, 12 Mar 2010

Clima: el consumismo es incompatible con la salud del planeta (informe), EcoDiario, 12 Jan 2010


Dünyanın Durumu 2010 (Turkey),
Kocaeli, 4 July 2010

İşte dünyanın durumu… (Turkey), NTVMSNBC, 7 July 2010

Dünyanın Durumu 2010 Kültür Yayınları’ndan Çıktı (Turkey), Haberler, 9 June 2010

İş Bankası, 5 Haziran Dünya Çevre Günü dolayısıyla çevreye yönelik çalışmaları hakkında bilgi verdi (Turkey), Finans Gundem, 28 May 2010

Tüketim çılgınlığı küresel ısınmayı tetikliyor (Turkey), Radikal, 13 Jan 2010


“Society Addicted to Debt,” Korean Broadcasting Service, Interviewed in Documentary on debt, 14 September 2010

“Role Change Needed for Future Sustainability: From Consumer to Cultural Pioneer,” Low Carbon Life Blog, Yu-Tzu Chiu, Taiwan, 6 August 2010

Consumerism, Host: Patrick Rose, Before the Flood Radio, New Zealand, July 2010

Studimi ‘Gjendja e Botës’ nga grupi Worldwatch (Albania) by Zulima Palasio, Rama Ik!, 04 Feb 2010

German shepherds consume more than average person living in Bangladesh (Bangladesh) by David Biello, The Independent, 2010

Community gardens taking root (Canada) by Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun, 14 April 2010

Worldwatch Institute Gets Ready for 2010 (Canada), FERNTV, November 2009

Estudio dice que reducir horario laboral mejora calidad de vida y medio ambiente (Chile), La Tercera, 16 Mar 2010

Climat : pour sauver la planète, consommons moins (France) by Hélène Toutchkov, Developpement Durable, 13 Jan 2010

Climat: le consumérisme incompatible avec le salut de la planète (France), France24, 12 Jan 2010

Worldwatch recommends change from consumption to sustainability (Haiti), Haiti News, 23 Jan 2010

Study says we need to focus on changing the global culture (Ireland), Irish Sun, 24 Jan 2010

Trabaje menos y mejore su calidad de vida y el medio ambiente (Mexico), Informador, 15 Mar 2010

Deskundigen: overmatige consumptie verstoort het globale ecosysteem (Netherlands), Katholiek Nieuwsblad, 19 Mar 2010

Worldwatch: Consumeercultuur moet op de bon (Netherlands), MVOnieuws, 15 Jan 2010

Forbrukskulturen kan gi økologisk kollaps (Norway) by Thomas Vermes, ABCNYHETER, 14 Jan 2010

Excessive consumption must become taboo: Worldwatch (Singapore), Green Assembly , 13 Jan 2010

Worldwatch Institute: Därför är konsumtionshetsen det största hotet (Sweden) by Jon Röhne, Miljo Aktuellt, 14 Jan 2010

Worldwatch recommends change from consumption to sustainability (Taiwan), Taipei News, 23 Jan 2010

Tiêu dùng tăng gây nguy cơ tàn phá môi trường (Vietnam), Xalo, 19 Mar 2010

Study says we need to focus on changing the global culture (Zimbabwe), Zimbabwe Star, 24 Jan 2010

Industry helps defeat Va. plastic-bag tax bill