Catan: Oil Springs


Eureka! Oil has been discovered on the island of Catan! And now this new resource offers Catan ways to grow bigger and faster! But oil is scarce and its use does not come without cost. Using oil produces pollution, as well as climate changing emissions, which bring with them the threat of coastal flooding—and absolute disaster. With the discovery of oil on Catan, its inhabitants face a new challenge: deciding whether the common good is worth limiting oil usage or whether the pursuit of victory is worth the risk of ruin.

Worldwatch’s Transforming Cultures Project worked with Catan GmbH, Mayfair Games, and Kosmos to produce a new eco-scenario for the board game Settlers of Catan. You can learn more at Catan: Oil Springs and see how the discovery of oil affects life of Catan! There you can find the rules and downloadable pieces (or you can buy a copy here), foreign translations, news coverage (Worldwatch press release here), and educator’s resources. Below, you can find an introduction to the rules. Enjoy!