Brand + Vandalism = Brandalism

 Posted by on August 30, 2012
Aug 302012

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here is a 4,200 word essay on appropriating billboards to challenge consumerism. From the new Brandalism Project where 24 artists from 8 countries have submitted their latest subtervising art. Enjoy!

I’m guessing the guy in the haz-mat suit is a marketer carefully working to addict the young to this toxic product. Smart of him to take precautions. (Art by Bill Posters--all images courtesy of Brandalism)

Consumer Zombies Preying Upon the Westfield London Shopping Center (Art by Leo Murray)

Almost looks like a real grocery ad. But probably not much demand for dog meat in the UK. (Though perhaps for the human milk if Brits knew how much better it is for babies than formula). (Art by Ron Human.)

Warning: Advertisments manipulate—a point that should be on all ads.

As Robert Graysford of the project notes, “We’ve taken over these billboards because the advertising industry takes no responsibility for the messages they force-feed us every day. They claim to give us choice but we have no choice to ‘opt out’ from these intrusions into our public and personal spaces.” This is a good point—and a good tactic in the war against advertising, at least until all ads have warning labels on them or are banned outright from public spaces like in São Paulo.

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  3 Responses to “Brand + Vandalism = Brandalism”

  1. […] artists appropriate billboards to challenge consumerism through the new Brandalism Project. Go to Source « Green Jobs on the […]

  2. The fake supermarket ad is good and provocative until it gets to the dog meat, in which case it serves to inflame racism. Why call out a particular group, when almost all humans eat or wear animal products of some kind (and almost all animals eaten or worn are treated horribly somewhere along the line)?

  3. Good point–the dog meat one would have been funnier if they didn’t refer to a specific group. Marinated dog meat perhaps? I like that dog meat was included more broadly, as we in Western countries are quite hypocritical when it comes to adoring a few animals (the dog and cat) while putting others in terrible conditions (chicken, pig, and cow). There are a lot of unwanted dogs being put to sleep that might serve better purposes. More on dogs here:

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