The Transforming Cultures Project started in 2009 as the larger home for State of the World 2010, but it has continued to evolve, exploring in myriad ways how we can go about transforming cultures to make living sustainably feel as natural as living as a consumer feels today. This can be found in writings and research found here (see also State of the World 2012 and State of the World 2013) and through the efforts to utilize popular cultural icons like board gaming and reality TV to help in the cultural transformation process. In our latest effort, State of the World 2017 will explore how to rethink education for life on a changing planet, greatly expanding our earlier exploration of education.

The Transforming Cultures project was founded and is directed by Erik Assadourian, Senior Fellow at Worldwatch Institute. You can reach Erik Assadourian at eassadourian (at) if you have any questions or comments about the project.