The Exposé of Stuff

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a front page article on “The Story of Stuff,” a powerful exposé of the consumer culture that at this point over six million people have viewed. Considering how effectively “The Story of Stuff” communicates the destructive nature of this cultural system, this is good news indeed.

Even better is that this video is being used across the US, and even across the world (with 10 other languages to choose from), in high schools to make up for the lack of textbooks that describe the environmental problems with our current economic, social and cultural model.  Not good news about the state of environmental education in today’s schools, but great news that our teachers are concerned and are using innovative tools to engage and mobilize students. Even cooler: students are making their own videos in response and to supplement “The Story of Stuff,” including tips on how to live and consume more sustainably. Watch “The Story of Stuff” below and pass it on to friends!

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