The Continuing Famine in the Horn of Africa

Check out this recent article in The New York Times, written by Samuel Loewenberg, a Nieman Foundation global health reporting fellow at Harvard University.

This year’s drought followed two failed rainy seasons, leaving farmers and herders fragile. (Photo credit: Reuters)

According to Lowenberg, “American attention to the hunger crisis has focused on the dire conditions of Somalis, but they account for just about a third of the 13 million people affected. According to the United Nations, hunger afflicts 4.5 million people in Ethiopia and 3.75 million people in Kenya, which has about half of Ethiopia’s population. An estimated half a million Kenyan children and pregnant or breast-feeding women suffer acute malnutrition.”

To see how you can end this cycle of hunger, please visit:  UNICEFCARE, or World Food Programme.

To read more about the famine affecting the Horn of Africa see: Early Warnings not enough, UN call for urgent aid, Somalia’s agony tests limits of aid, and Where is there a famine? 

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