Talking with David Sobel about the Future of Nature Preschools

Yesterday I asked childhood and nature expert and author of Chapter 2 of EarthEd a series of questions about getting children into nature and particularly on the value and future of nature preschools. As a father of a 5-year old, getting myself and my son into nature frequently is paramount—as is developing his relationship with the larger systems his life depends on.

Watch the video below to hear David’s responses to key questions including:

  • Why is getting children into nature and building a relationship with nature important?
  • What is the value of nature preschools and forest kindergartens?
    What are best practices for nature preschools? In what ways can they improve?
  • How do we scale-up forest kindergartens so that these are accessible to far more families?
  • What type of programs are available beyond preschool?

2 thoughts on “Talking with David Sobel about the Future of Nature Preschools”

  1. Its very important that the coming generation values and understands Nature. In India it has become a huge problem as most of the children are glued to Computers and television and are not preferring to go outdoors forget about having a relationship with nature. I hope schools in India are also able make children value nature and enjoy being with it.

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