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Four Unexpected Champions of the Clean Transportation Revolution

Greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector are growing faster than those from any other sector. With the transportation sector already accounting for nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, investing in public transportation is a critical strategy to address global climate change. Strategies to curb transport emissions, such as by transitioning to … Continue Reading ››

T-ESCOs: Applying Traditional Energy Financing Strategies to Public Transport

At the December 2015 climate talks in Paris, it was noted that, in the absence of significant changes, the transportation sector is on track to become the fastest growing industrial contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. However, the transportation sector continues to face serious challenges in curbing emissions. Although effective strategies for reducing transportation emissions … Continue Reading ››

10 Reasons to Take the Bike Challenge Today

May is bike month! Pick up a bike and ride your way to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Take the #Bikechallenge2015 by substituting your car commute by a bike ride (and share your photos on our brand new Instagram account at @worldwatchinstitute with the hashtag #bikechallenge2015). With all of the benefits of biking, it’s no … Continue Reading ››