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Growth or Degrowth: Which Path Should We Take? (image courtesy of Desazkundea via flickr)

Degrowth is an essential economic strategy to pursue in overdeveloped countries like the United States–for the well-being of the planet, of underdeveloped populations, and, yes, even of the sick, stressed, and overweight populations of overdeveloped countries.

Here you will find Chapter 2: The Path to Degrowth in Overdeveloped Countries from State of the World 2012, plus the accompanying 2-page policy brief.

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What is Degrowth?
Degrowth is the intentional redirection of economies away from the perpetual pursuit of growth. For economies beyond the limits of their ecosystems, this includes a planned and controlled contraction to get back in line with planetary boundaries, with the eventual creation of a steady-state economic system that is in balance with Earth’s limits.

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