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Foreign Editions


State of the World 2012 is published in over a dozen languages. Below are a selection of the translations published:

English Edition: State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity with Island Press

Chinese Edition published by China Social Sciences Press

Bulgarian Edition published by Paper Tiger Publishing

German Edition: Zur Lage der Welt 2012: Nachhaltig zu einem Wohlstand für alle with partners, Oekom Publishing, Heinrich Boell Foundation, and Germanwatch.

Finnish Edition: Worldwatch-instituutti: Maailman tila 2012 published by Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press

Italian EditionVerso una prosperità sostenibile published with our partners, Edizioni Ambiente and World Wildlife Fund- Italy.

Spanish Edition: La Situación del Mundo 2012: Hacia una prosperidad sostenible with Fuhem ecosocial and Icaria Editorial

Mexican Edition: La Situación del Mundo 2012: Hacia una prosperidad sostenible with our publishing partner Africam Safari.

Taiwainese Edition: 201世界現況  (邁向永續繁榮), with our partner, Taiwan Watch.

Brazilian Edition released June 22: Rumo à Prosperidade Sustentável Rio+20, with our partner, Worldwatch Brazil.

Download the full Brazilian edition here.

**For a full list of partners and editions, please look here.**