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Alison Singer

Alison Singer is pursuing a master's degree in Environmental Policy and Politics at Appalachian State University, after which she hopes to work in the climate policy field. In her tiny amounts of free time she likes to play in the woods with her dogs and cook (and then eat) delicious food.

Fixing America’s Future

 Posted by Alison Singer on December 13, 2012
Dec 132012
Fixing America's Future

Does a community-based economy offer a way to build sustainable prosperity in America?

Nov 212012
Uncertain Role of Extractive Reserves in Conservation

The extractive reserve model aims to conserve forests while extracting resources in an economically sustainable way

Producing Condoms Sustainably

 Posted by Alison Singer on November 15, 2012
Nov 152012
Producing Condoms Sustainably

With 27 billion condoms produced every year, it’s about time someone started making them sustainably

Valuing Women’s Work in Agriculture

 Posted by Alison Singer on September 12, 2012
Sep 122012
Valuing Women’s Work in Agriculture

Women’s role in agriculture is increasing as men move to cities. Policies must reflect this shift & promote equality

Leading by Example: The Dutch Prepare for Climate Change

The Dutch show that long-term strategies allow for systemic changes and ensure a secure and prosperous planet

Aug 032012
Millions Made Insecure by Land Grabbing

In the face of food insecurity, governments are looking for solutions overseas by buying land for agriculture

Elinor Ostrom’s legacy

 Posted by Alison Singer on July 30, 2012
Jul 302012
Elinor Ostrom's legacy

Ostrom’s work provides hope for a sustainable future through innovation and stakeholder collaboration

Jul 262012
Climate Refugees: A Human Cost of Climate Change

As climate change intensifies, vulnerable populations will be displaced. How will the world aid and protect these people?

Are Biofuels the Answer to America’s Energy Challenges?

While biofuels may not be the answer to U.S. energy demand, research must continue to support research into sustainable biofuel production

Lessons from the Slums: Finding Solutions That Work

To incorporate the more than 800 million people that live in slums worldwide, strong and innovative political leaders need to act

To Drill, or not to Drill?

 Posted by Alison Singer on May 24, 2012
May 242012
To Drill, or not to Drill?

Ecuador’s innovative conservation strategy – requesting aid in return for not drilling for oil – faces an uphill battle.

Barbados Declaration Affirms Commitment to Sustainable Energy

A group of small island nations has signed the Barbados Declaration, which commits them to increasing renewable energy and reducing poverty in attempts to mitigate and adapt to rising sea levels.

May 132012
A Difficult Path to Sustainable Employment

In a world obsessed with technology and productivity advances, how can societies provide job opportunities for everyone?

May 092012
What Is and ISN'T the Economy for?

What is and ISN’T the economy for? A new book answers these questions in a funny and engaging way.

The Sustainability Sweet Spot

 Posted by Alison Singer on March 20, 2012
Mar 202012
The Sustainability Sweet Spot

What does a truly sustainable country look like? Peru maybe? Or Cuba.