Sustainable Prosperity. Discuss.

Groups Deep in Discussion (photo courtesy of nealstimler via flickr)

Over the past year, State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity has prompted many conversations–on how to grow green jobs, on how to degrow the economy, on how to transform corporations, local governance and global government institutions. These discussions, and many others, have evolved over the year but certainly revolve around a common set of themes: environmental sustainability, equity, justice, and societal resilience.

It’s now time to facilitate even more discussions–in classrooms, in book groups, in techno clubs (ok, we’ll be happy with 2 out of 3 of these)–by publishing State of the World 2012 Discussion Guide & Review Questions. Available for free download here.

This illustrated discussion guide includes questions for all 17 chapters–plus brief chapter summaries. A total of 90 questions in all. The one thing that’s missing are answers, so you’ll have to provide those yourselves. So check it out!

And if you use this guide in a discussion group you set up, don’t forget to leave your comments on it below.

UN Roundtable Discussion (photo courtesy of US Mission Geneva via flickr)

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