Lord Man

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Apr 272015

This video is an adaptation of some of the first pages of OVER by the Global Population Speak Out, a project by the Population Institute, the Population Media Center, and the Foundation for Deep Ecology. The parable below is a powerful one for the coming era of ecological change (driven by overpopulation and overdevelopment), both in video and written forms, so we wanted to repost it here. You can read the full book for free online here.


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  1. Great video. Makes very good sense, overall. I hope many more have and will see this. I now will read the book.

  2. Excellently chosen words and images. But an open question as to whether man will rejoin the animals. Are the Victorians to blame? They had colonising, extractive attitudes and were hung up about inner, so called primitive needs.
    Religion needs reinventing. More animism, less God ism. We have made some serious mistakes.
    Calling this video a parable is not quite right. A parable starts with an allegory. This is more real. But a new one needs making to extend the thinking. We need a counterculture.

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