Sep 282015

In 2013, we at the Worldwatch Institute asked the provocative question, “Is Sustainability Still Possible?” The report, much of which is available free for download here, does a good job in answering that uncomfortable question, and informally concludes with the essential point that the real question is not whether it is possible, but how much of the Earth’s beauty and how much of our civilizational advances will we choose to save–thanks to a beautiful essay by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Over the past few years we have continued the conversation on this blog, as well, of course, with all the other work we’re doing at Worldwatch. But now is the time to wind down this blog and focus on other projects, including our latest State of the World report, which confronts hidden threats to sustainability, our reality TV show, Yardfarmers, which explores how we can move an overdeveloped United States closer to a one-planet footprint by getting young people to move back in with their parents and become sufficiency farmers, and our work on whether family planning brings environmental benefits.

This certainly doesn’t mean we’ll stop blogging though. Just that you’ll find future blog posts on Worldwatch’s main blog. Thanks for reading these posts over the years and we look forward to continuing to explore ways we can get to a more sustainable future, or at least prevent the future from looking like something out of the Mad Max franchise. Have a lovely day!


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