State of the World Travels the World

It’s been a busy week here at Worldwatch, first with launching State of the World 2010 to the media and then sharing it with the environmental community here in DC. Soon we’ll have video from the symposium, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you the link to our long listing of news clips covering the report. Great reports from all over the world. Happy reading! (And take a look at this engaging new video from Voice of America, which has some great images of consumerism, though it does somehow makes me looked obsessed with Hollywood movies, which when they draw attention to sustainability I guess is quite true!).

On Monday, the global launch begins with events in England, Finland, and Norway. Take a look at the plan here. And stay tuned for stories from the road there. I’ll have the chance to explore some pioneering projects while traveling and will report back.

A final note: a special thanks to the Transforming Cultures Project Assistants, Jana, Jonathan, Margy, and Vanessa, that have been helping to spread the word about the new report. Thank you!

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