Send in your nominations for the Glynwood Harvest Award!

Since 2003, Glynwood’s Harvest Awards have honored leaders in the sustainable agriculture field.

Whether in New York or Niger, local markets are essential to sustainable agriculture. (Photo Credit: Bernard Pollack)

The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming is working to increase regional sustainability and public awareness of the benefits of a local food system.

Rewarding innovation and leadership in sustainable agriculture and regional food systems, the Harvest Award is given to farmers, organizations and businesses that have done outstanding work anywhere in the United States. The purpose of the awards is to identify the “best practices” so that they may be widely adopted and used as inspiration for others to “take action within their own communities.”

There are four categories for the 2011 awards:

The Farmer Award is given to a leader in the farm community. This farmer must be using “cutting edge strategies for production, processing, marketing, or distribution.” This could include a range of issues, such as public education, farmer-to-farmer support, or any other program that highlights the “importance of soil health, humane livestock management and other sustainable production methods.”

The Award for Connecting Communities, Farmers and Food goes to any person, business or organization that is employing a unique grassroots strategy to cultivate “creative partnerships between diverse segments of the food system including urban and rural populations, efforts that connect locally grown food with consumers who typically lack access to fresh foods, and similar endeavors to foster a robust, inclusive, and sustainable food system.”

To recognize newcomers to the sustainable agriculture world, The Wave of the Future Award goes to an emerging farm or food professional, business or organization that is using innovative methods to address “the critical challenges facing our food system. Examples include cutting edge approaches to climate change, regional food distribution and infrastructure, and creative support for beginning farmers.”

New this year is the Good Food Entrepreneur Award, which will be rewarded to “entrepreneurs that are getting good, healthy food to market in innovative ways.” This award will be received by someone who is dedicated to guaranteeing “fair returns for farmers or farm workers, as well as those with an innovative business structure.”

If you know a person or organization that should be nominated, download the form and send it in by July 20th!

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