Newly Released White Paper on Chinese ODA

Chinese foreign aid has long been accused of being nontransparent and of having multiple strings attached. Analysts worldwide have attributed the rapid growth in China’s official development assistance (ODA) since 1997 to the rising global power’s hunger for energy and natural resources. Although China has traditionally remained silent in addressing such allegations, a newly released government White Paper reveals that the country is finally opening its ODA vault.

The White Paper, for the first time, lifts the veil on China’s aid modalities, distribution, and funding over the past few decades. This unveiling may not be particularly transparent by western standards, but it does at least offer a concrete view of what the country has been up to. According to the White Paper, by the end of 2009, China had launched 2025 development projects in total, about 5% of which is for oil and mining industries. More than half of the projects are devoted to the development of local economic infrastructure and public facilities.

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