rev·o·lu·tion \re-və-lü-shən\ noun. a fundamental change in the way of thinking about something.

volt \volt\ noun. a measure of the electrical force that drives a current between two points.

Re-Volt is revolutionizing the climate and energy policy conversation. The climate community has long understood the dangers of climate change and the wide array of climate-mitigating solutions before us.  Yet despite an abundance of scientific data, we have failed to steer the world from a point of understanding to the point of action. It is now clear that the transition to new energy systems, new modes of transportation, a new sustainable economy is truly revolutionary.

Re-Volt features exciting commentary from Worldwatch’s climate and energy team. Blog contributors explore strategies for low-carbon development around the world, and report on the latest revolutions in energy production and consumption. Current target regions include Brazil, China, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, India, Southern Africa, and the United States. Special emphasis is given to international and domestic climate and energy policies including UN negotiations, energy efficiency, renewable energy, natural gas, the energy and water nexus, emissions from non-energy sources, and technological innovations. You will find both personal opinion as well as political, economic, and technological analysis. In the year 2010, the climate action discussion must remain highly-charged. Our future depends on it.

ReVolt Staff

Matt Lucky, Blog Manager and Chief-Editor

Alexander Ochs, Editor

Lisa Mastny, Editor

Re-Volt Regular Contributors

Chelsea Amaio

Adam Dolezal

Xing Fu-Bertaux

Mark Konold

Haibing Ma

Shakuntala Makhijani

Evan Musolino

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