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By Ioulia Fenton

The Women’s Congress for Future Generations (WCFFG) will convene in Moab, Utah on September 27 to 30, 2012. The objective: to make a united stand for future generations. “We seek solidarity with those working for environmental justice, for Climate Justice, for indigenous sovereignty, for the health of women and children, and with those living on the frontlines of the struggle against industrial pollution and climate change,” according to the WCFFG.

The Women’s Congress for Future Generations will convene in Moab, Utah September 27-30, 2012 (Photo Credit: WCFFG)

The Congress is actively seeking women participants of all ages, cultures, colors, and backgrounds. While recognizing the centrality of women as life givers and caretakers to the environmental movement, the congress is also pursuing the input and guidance of men. “Men too have great responsibilities in this journey of protecting the Earth and we invite them to partner with us at this Congress in an unusual way, as Sacred Witnesses. With men acting as sacred partners and observers, they will have a rare opportunity to serve the common good by bearing witness to women fulfilling their responsibilities to Future Generations,” say the organizers.

Throughout the five days, Congress participants will engage in meaningful, productive conversations about the challenges facing current and future generations. “One of the most human and humble things we do is to reach across generations,” tweeted the organizers. Therefore, one of the ultimate purposes of the gathering will be to create a Declaration of the Rights of Future Generations and the Responsibilities of Present Generations. It will be achieved through word, art, song, and performance that participants will enact and will focus on the role that women have and can play in fighting for a secure environmental future. The process aims to be pragmatic and delegates will work together to map concrete possibilities and pathways toward achieving common environmental, health, and justice goals.

It is not too late to become involved. Register today to participate or donate to help other women attend who may not be able to do so on their own. Scholars in need of logistical and financial assistance can make an application here. And, if you can’t go, stay up-to-date by following the event on Facebook and Twitter.

Ioulia Fenton is a Food and Agriculture Research Intern with Nourishing the Planet.

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