Recognizing Efforts in Sustainable Development

At a recent award ceremony in Sweden, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the Institute for Sustainable Development ’s  (ISD)Tigray Project were awarded the 2011 Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development.

Sue Edwards receiving the award in Sweden. (Photo credit: Dick Gillberg)

The USD $1 million award prize is being shared by Annan for his work with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, and the Tigray Project for their sustainable agricultural work that has improved the soil and water quality and farmers’ livelihoods in Ethiopia.

In her acceptance speech, Director of ISD, Sue Edwards said, “We have worked with them {farmers} since 1996 to restore and strengthen local community self governance so as to rehabilitate ecosystems and raise the productivity of the land. These farmers are now enjoying a food supply that is sustaining them from one cropping season to the next.”

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