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Our posts are enriched enormously by the views of our thoughtful readership.  Make the commentary section a regular part of your Green Economy blog reading.  And join the conversation!

Here is a quick sampling:

Disagreeing with several points in our September 13 post on balancing job creation with dampened consumption, Brad Copithorne wrote,  “While intuitively, it might be appealing to work less and reduce private sector consumption, this strategy will not cover the costs of public sector consumption.”   See more of Brad’s thoughts in the comments section of that post.

Responding to our September 20 post about principles for sustainability, Phil Marston wrote, “I would add a seventh point. To regulate media ownership to prevent the accumulation of different media in one corporate body and to require a diversity of interests in the ownership of any one media company.”   Phil makes other provocative points in the comments section of that post.

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