Raj Patel’s New Food Project is Currently Raising Funds and You Can Help!

By Molly Redfield

Generation Food is a project that will develop across a film, book, and multimedia platform. The project covers real efforts by numerous communities around the world in feeding themselves and building their own self-sustainable food systems.

Raj Patel and Steve James will travel the world documenting community food systems that work (Photo Credit: Bangor University)

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with the current global food production and distribution system, Generation Food highlights solutions that have already proven effective and are well within reach. As a result, the project, according to its creators, hopes to help consumers, policy-makers, and farmers find ways to address the broken food system.

Renowned food author and expert Raj Patel and documentary filmmaker Steve James are raising money for their Generation Food Project. They are also spreading awareness of this initiative over Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

By sharing knowledge of what works Patel and James hope to inspire consumers, producers, and other stakeholders. And, as the cracks in our conventional food system are becoming increasingly apparent, this call to action is urgently needed.

To read more about Generation Food or donate to the project click here.

Molly Redfield is a research intern with the Nourishing the Planet project.

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