Part 55: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Each day we run three of your responses to the question: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

photo credit: Bernard Pollack

1. Sheila Huggins-Rao, Farm Radio International says:

“I would like to see funding for agriculture research to include better communications mechanisms so that farmers are involved in setting the agenda for agriculture research that applies to them.  This would also include ways in which farmers, extension, ministry representatives, women’s associations and researchers engage in dialogue about the best way to share these research findings, reaching beyond the study site and selected communities – radio can play this role.”

2. Regassa, Ethioorganic SeedAction says:

“I would like to see more investment in agriculture go to the strengthening of local/farmer based seed supply system.”

3. Luc Maene, International Fertilizer Industry Association says:

“I would like to mention following areas for increased agricultural funding: (1) Training the next generation of agronomists. (2) Strengthening public agricultural research in developing countries, especially in Africa. (3) Improving access to markets and knowledge of small-scale farmers. The most important of the three areas in our view is the training of the next generation of agronomists who will have to ensure food security.”

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