Part 48: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Each day we run three of your responses to the question: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Visiting with Project DISC in Uganda (photo credit: Bernard Pollack

1. @foodsecuritynet (via twitter) says:

“To smallholder farmers and women, and to sustainable agriculture which will build resilience in a climate change context”

2. Dr. Howarth Bouis, HarvestPlus says:

“I would like to see more funding for agriculture-based approaches to reduce micronutrient malnutrition, especially among women and young children.”

3. Roger Serunjogi, Project DISC, Uganda says:

“I think, more agricultural funds should go to Agriculture School projects, all over the world so that, in the future as these children grow up, each household knows how to grow food and knows the importance of agriculture. In this way there is food security all over the world, and there is no famine in most of the countries and if it’s there, because of some other reason, then still there will be more producers on the mother Earth. This does not only fight famine, but also creates jobs in agricultural fields. And not only that, but also great thinkers and peace makers.

An agriculturist likes his plants, and never wants them to dry up in the same way, he will like people to live, so as the world invests in young generations through agriculture, In the long run, we are fighting hungry people or terrorists. This is three way effect.”

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