Part 42: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Each day we run three of your responses to the question: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Photo credit: Bernard Pollack

1. Nazeer Ahmed Sonday says:

“Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to see funding go towards agricultural research, training and developing extension officers and services in agro-ecological agricultural practices. African farmers need quality support to produce food that is nourishing, safe and grown in harmony with the local ecology.”

2. Willie Tuimising, Practical Action, Kenya says:

“From my experience working with poor and vulnerable communities within the Horn of Africa I recommend that more agricultural funding should be directed towards: -Strengthening small groups of food producers in food insecure countries to address various challenges and bottlenecks in value chains around food security -Strengthening and supporting the production of indigenous/traditional food crops that are both nutritious and drought-tolerant especially in the face of global warming -Supporting the conservation of food genetic resources at the frontlines (both crops & livestock food security systems) -Strengthening climate change adaptation practices among food producers as a way of coping for enhanced/sustainable food production -Eliminating food aid but instead supporting innovative ways that encourage primary production as well as regeneration of food production systems

3. Sara Scherr, Eco Agriculture Partners, USA says:

“I would like to see more agricultural funding go to support farmer organizations and environmental agencies who are working together to manage agricultural landscapes that increase agricultural productivity and sustainability, and also protect or restore biodiversity, watersheds and other ecosystem service.”

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