Part 34: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Each day we run three of your responses to the question: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Gambia: Fish Market Outside Banjul (photo credit: Bernard Pollack)

1. Victor Gatonye Kuria, Kenya says:

‘In my opinion, I would like to see more funding going to agricultural self sustaining projects. Over reliance on funding has a counter productive effect in the long run. Countries should be teaching “how to fish” and not ” supplying fish occasionally”. Therefore if more funding can go into training and implementing self sustaining projects like cash crop farming and other innovative farming practices like mushroom farming in western Kenya which has enabled families to rely on farming.”

2. Ahamad Kyaruzi, Tanzania says:

“I would like more funding to innovations/ technologies dissemination to end users(farmers/firms)

3. Frank Place, World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya says:

“Two areas for increased attention would be (1) investing in improving soil health and water harvesting in order to increase food production now and mitigate effects from pending climate change and (2) micro credit for smallholder farmers.”

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