Part 24: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Each day we run three of your responses to the question: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

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1. Pam Allee says:

“I’m not a farmer or any sort of expert and I haven’t traveled extensively for about a decade.  But I can tell you that we here in the more fortunate North American continent have our hands full encouraging sustainable gardening and farming practices – no synthetics, no GMO’s, no monocultures, no processing or transporting things all over. I guess my vote would be for more education– world-wide,  especially in the “developed” nations–regarding the fact that food is exported for money from the same areas where people are hungry. I like the idea someone mentioned of developing food security, not food “aid.” I’m guessing that if you take this question to many places and ask people on the ground what they need, you will get many different answers–perhaps with common themes, but still, answers that require solutions tailored by and for the people and lands involved.

2. Dennis Calvan says:

“I would like to see more funding for Community-Based Coastal Resources Management, where fishing communities are at the center of the development process. This is very important since the Philippines is considered to be the epicenter of global marine diversity. Around 2 million Filipinos are directly engaged in fishing but more than 60 percent of these fisherfolks are living below the poverty line. CB-CRM will facilitate participatory engagement of resource users in the planning, implementation and monitoring.”

3. Salibo Some, ASUDEC, Burkina Faso says:

“To halt the current tragedy of the commons that is core cause of ecological bankruptcy being experienced mostly in the Sahel area, including Burkina Faso, any investment in agriculture should focus at enabling the bulk of small holding farmers to have legal ownership of the lands they use.   This will serve as key incentive to improved environmental stewardship and to improved family planning in the countryside.  Land mapping and distribution should encourage farmers’ adoption of good practices against land degradation and for food production.  Also, it should result in the long time cattle herders settling for a more rational, environment friendly farming system.  Although improved land policy is primordial, I am tempted to add that the current socioeconomic marasmus in African countries necessitates that this proceeds jointly with or be followed by a livestock development program aiming to raise income rapidly for the vast bulk of poor villagers.”

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