Part 23: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Each day we run three of your responses to the question: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

photo credit: Bernard Pollack

1. Vasan, India says:

“I am not sure whether i am the right person to answer this particular question about agricultural funding, for i am not aware of anything about Africa and Sub-Saharan region. But, by and large, I can answer this question based on the requirements of agricultural and allied agricultural practices in any dimension of climatic, geological and topographical conditions. Water: Rain water runoff should be checked completely by creating smaller water bodies depending on the amount of rainwater the area receives, catchment area and storage area.  This avoids the dependency on sub-surface or ground water resources where power is necessary to lift the water. Surface water utilization is a must where water is replenished and we can convert more land as wetlands where crops can be grown throughout the year maintaining the required cropping pattern and not affecting the fertility of the soil. Areas which cannot be converted into wetlands can be used to afforestation programme maintaining both bio-diversity and allied agricultural activities to produce forest crops like honey, spices and other forest related crops and orchards.

Marketing: For marketing, we have to revive and restore our original practice(as for as our country – India is concerned), a de-centralised approach.  All the villages surrounding a town or city used to be a self sustainable one except match boxes and salt whose production is restricted to the climatic and geological conditions suitable for their production. So, funding for creation of smaller water bodies and offering a de-centralised marketing infrastructure is a must for the Government.”

2. Excellent Hachileka, IUCN, Zambia says:

“More funding should go to small-scale irrigation along major river basins and conservation farming with agro-forestry for adapting agriculture to increasing rainfall variability, dry spells and shortening farming seasons in sub-Sahara Africa.”

3. Royce Gloria Androa, Uganda says:

“Invest in post-harvest handling processes and technologies that use solar energy for reducing losses by using cold stores for transportation from the gardens to the market, and in cooperatives and private/ public partnerships to handle post-harvest losses appropriately invest in abiotic/ biotic stress factor — develop resistant germ-plasm for major food security crops — invest in water management (drip irrigation,  micro sprinklers and treadle pumps)”

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