Part 1: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

Photo Credit: Bernard Pollack

Each day we are posting three of your responses to the question: Where Would You Like to See More Agricultural Funding Directed?

1. Dave Andrews, Food and Water Watch, Washington DC, says:
“I’d like to see more funding for infrastructure improvements: roads, storage, localized retail, refrigeration systems, appropriate technology, legal rights for small holders and for women to have title and access to credit, cultural dimension to be attended to. These kinds of locality based infrastructures: physical, legal, contextual will go far to providing a context for community based approaches to agricultural development. There will likely have to be some other social technologies like co-operatives, telecommunications, associations for marketing and selling products including value added operations: processing and distribution networks. My focus is on local community development and bottom up refinements. These efforts will build capacity from below and some kind of nuanced extension or collaborative efforts will be needed too. Hopefully, with these kinds of assistance then a local market will build the local economy. This would be my hope!”

2. Dave Johnstone, VSO, Cameroon, says:
“We need a better balance where farmers can access capital funding, business and technical expertise to create sustainable commercial farming operations.   My impression is that restrictive funding criteria and local taxation effectively blocks farmers from getting out of their current circumstances.”

3. Pierre Castagnoli, Italy, says:
“Often the money going from donor to recipient is screened by the various intermediates and often the real need is not centered.  Embassies or international organisations in the countries are well informed on what are the needs and who should receive what. Therefore, I would first stress the need of a strong consultation between the various actors. Secondly, it {the funding} should have a beginning and an end date. It should not last for a long time period. I would also stress that structures, equipments, machinery are areas that should be developed/financed to increase/conserve the production.”

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