Chronic Hunger Falling, But One in Nine People Still Affected

Although the proportion of people experiencing chronic hunger is decreasing globally, one in nine individuals still does not get enough to eat. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 805 million people were living with undernourishment (chronic hunger) in 2012–14, down 209 million since 1990–92 (Figure 1). Continue Reading ››
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Scaling Up Renewables in Europe and the United States

How can the United States and Europe keep growing clean power at large scales? On November 13, 2014, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) held the panel event “Renewable Energy at Scale in the U.S. and Europe: Lessons Learned and Best Practices,” in collaboration with the Transatlantic Climate Bridge and hosted by … Continue Reading ››
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Rise and Shine: Haiti’s Bright Energy Future

This article was originally printed in Haiti Libre,  a Haitian news outlet that aims to catalyze  the debate of ideas, promote the expression of critical thinking, and initiate a participatory process. There is hardly a place on Earth where the advantages of domestic renewable power are as evident as in Haiti. Today, the country’s electricity system relies … Continue Reading ››

Green Beans Aren’t the Only “GREEN” This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, consider joining me in adding our planet to your list of things to be thankful for. Given all that the Earth provides for us (like the tasty food we’re about to enjoy), here are some ways you can make your Thanksgiving holiday more sustainable and give some appreciation back to our planet.
  1. Welcome sweaters.
Encourage your … Continue Reading ››

Has China’s Economic Shift Really Ended the Commodity Super-cycle?

This post is an overview of the Vital Signs Online trend "Commodity Prices Kept Slowing in 2013 but Still Strong Overall" The most recent economic “super-cycle,” a decades-long trend of rising commodity prices, has been influenced by the surging growth of China since the … Continue Reading ››

Digital Dilemma: Is the Internet Killing (or Saving) the Planet?

Worldwatch Institute’s State of the World 2014 explores the benefits and challenges that digital technologies offer for sustainability   Washington, D.C.cover_2014SoW—With resource-saving notions like “the paperless office” and “telecommuting,” the digital age holds great environmental promise. But have digital technologies really helped to improve global sustainability? In the Worldwatch … Continue Reading ››

Seven Climate Change Impacts That Are Altering Our Planet Now

The year 2014 is set to go down as one of the most important years yet in the battle against climate change because of strong international momentum. This was highlighted most recently by the United Nations Climate Leaders’ Summit, and will be on the minds of delegates during the upcoming annual round of UN climate … Continue Reading ››

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