The Opportunities and the Risks of Climate Change

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A 3 minute animated video from the British organization, Farming Futures, illustrates how eco-agricultural farming practices like permaculture and composting are not only better for the environment, they are also better for farmers and their business. According to the video, “there are all kinds of renewable technologies, including biogmas, solar and anaerobic digesters.” “They can provide an extra income stream to your farm as well as cut back on emissions.” Although the video is aimed at farmers in the United Kingdom, the innovations it promotes can benefit farmers—and ecosystems— all over the world.

To read more about how alternative farming practices can benefit both farmers and the environment, see: Cultivating an Interest in Agriculture and Wildlife Conservation, Malawi’s Real Miracle, Emphasizing Malawi’s Indigenous Vegetables as Crops, Finding ‘Abundance’ in What is Local, Honoring the Farmers that Nourish their Communities and the Planet, and Investing in Projects that Protect Both Agriculture and Wildlife.

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