Women and Sustainability: Women and Business Development at Rio+20 – An Interview with Tess Mateo

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Nourishing the Planet is collaborating with Women Deliver to highlight the important role of women, youth, and reproductive and sexual rights in sustainable development at the upcoming Rio+20 conference.

Name: Tess Mateo

Tess Mateo speaks on the importance of women's business development. (Photo credit: Tess Mateo)

Affiliation: Managing Director and Founder of CXCatalysts

Bio: Tess has served as director in the office of the CEO at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the strategic advisor to the Joint US China Collaboration on Clean Energy, and has launched a real estate group, technology company, and innovative specialty clothing line. Tess is also a member of the New York chapter of the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. Tess will be a panelist at the Innovative Collaborations Driving Inclusive Sustainable Growth event at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. The program is organized in part by CXCatalysts and BPW and will focus on women empowerment and clean water and clean energy business for sustainable growth.

What motivated you to get involved with BPW International and why is developing professional and leadership potential in women important?