State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet

The 2011 edition of the Worldwatch Institute’s flagship report is a compelling look at the global food crisis, with particular emphasis on global innovations that can help solve a worldwide problem. State of the World 2011 not only introduces us to the latest agro-ecological innovations and their global applicability but also gives broader insights into issues including poverty, international politics, and even gender equity.

Written in clear, concise language, with easy-to-read charts and tables, State of the World 2011, produced with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, provides a practical vision of the innovations that will allow billions of people to feed themselves, while restoring rural economies, creating livelihoods, and sustaining the natural resource base on which agriculture depends.

State of the World 2011 is available for purchase here.

Preview State of the World 2011Innovations that Nourish the Planet:

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Foreign Editions

French Edition: L’État de la Planète: Comment Nourir 7 Milliards d’Hommes (Good Planet Foundation)


Brazilian Edition: Estado Do Mundo 2011: Innovações que Nutrem o Planeta (Eduardo Athayde and the Intsituto Akatu)


Catalan Edition:  2011 L’Estat Del Mon: Innovacions que alimenten el planeta


German Edition: Zur Lage Der Welt 2011: Hunger im Überfluss (Heinrich Böll FoundationOekom Research and Germanwatch)


Italian Edition: State of the World 2011: Nutrire il Planeta


Taiwanese Edition: 2011世界現況〈文化轉型:從消費主義到永續


Finnish Edition: Maailman Tila 2011: Kuinka maailma ruruokitaan


Mexican Edition: Innovaciones para alimentar el planeta – La situación del mundo


Turkish Edition: Dünyann Durumu 2011: Gezegeni Besleyen Inovasyonlar

Spanish Edition: 2011 La Situación del Mundo: Innovaciones para alimentar el planeta