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Press Releases

  • Press Release: Aquaculture Feeding World’s Insatiable Appetite for Seafood
  • Press Release: 12 Innovations to Combat Drought and Improve Food Security
  • Press Release: Investments in Women Farmers Still Too Low
  • Press Release: Expert Panel Discusses Eating Planet 2012
  • Press Release: Despite Drop from 2009 Peak, Agricultural Land Grabs Still Remain Above Pre-2005 Level
  • Press Release: On World Environment Day, New Book Points to Food and Farming as Key to Protecting the Environment
  • Press Release: The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Presents “Eating Planet 2012:” New Book Points to Food, Farming as Key to Improving Health, Environment, and Equality Worldwide
  • Press Release: 15 Agricultural Innovations Protecting the Environment on Earth Day
  • Press Release: Rising Number of Farm Animals Poses Environmental and Public Health Risks
  • Press Release: International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Power of Women to Nourish the Planet
  • Press Release: Going Green in 2012: 12 Steps for the Developing World
  • Press Release: Youth Deserve Gold Medals for Sustainability
  • Press Release: Going Green: 12 Simple Steps for 2012
  • Press Release: The Forgotten 1 Billion
  • Press Release: World Grain Production Down, But Recovering
  • Press Release: Reducing Food Waste During the Holiday Season
  • Press Release: Celebrating Nutrition on Food Day
  • Press Release: Multi-Pronged Approach Needed to Fight Global Hunger
  • Press Release: Global Meat Production and Consumption Continue to Rise
  • Press Release: World Food Prize Recognizes Leadership in Agriculture, But More Policy Support Is Needed to Feed the World’s Hungry
  • Press Release: Back to School and Back to Good Food
  • Press Release“Land Grabs” in Agriculture: Fairer Deals needed to Ensure Opportunity for Locals
  • Press ReleaseTargeting Gaps in the Supply Chain: Going Beyond Agricultural Production to Achieve Food Security
  • Press ReleaseWorld Population Day: Agriculture Offers Huge Opportunities for a Planet of 7 Billion
  • Press ReleaseReducing Food Waste: Making the Most of Our Abundance
  • Press ReleaseFarming the Cities, Feeding an Urban Future
  • Press Release: Organic Agriculture’s Resilience Shows Untapped Potential
  • Press Release: Fishing for Sustainable Practices to Conserve Fisheries
  • Press Release: Blue Revolution Key to Getting “More Crop per Drop” and Strengthening Food Security
  • Press Release: Agriculture: The Unlikely Earth Day Hero
  • Press Release: “Revolution of Greens” Needed to Curb Price Crisis
  • Press Release: State of the World 2011 Launch
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