Participatory Mapping as a Means of Protecting Forests in the Congo Basin

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The Buckminster Fuller Challenge recognizes innovative strategies with the potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Each year, a distinguished jury awards $100,000 to the winning strategy to support further development and implementation. This week, we’re featuring the 21 semi-finalists currently under consideration for the 2011 award.


The Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) is helping indigenous people protect six million acres of endangered rainforest from government-endorsed logging by teaching locals how to use GPS technology to map their lands and resources. The data will be compiled into a single map of the entire territory which will help forest peoples negotiate for better land tenure. RFUK has produced over 100 maps, trained over 500 people in 5 Congo Basin countries, and has directly benefited more than 18,000 people in forest areas.

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