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Nourishing the Planet co-Project Directors Danielle Nierenberg and Brian Halweil are heading this week to participate in the fourth annual meeting of the worldwide Terra Madre network in Turin, Italy. This five-day meeting, that coincides with the international Slow Food fair, Salone del Gusto, brings together over 5,000 global representatives of food communities, cooks, academics, youth and musicians united in the ambition of promoting  sustainable local food production in harmony with the environment while respecting traditional knowledge and food cultures.

photo credit: Bernard Pollack

On Sunday, October 24th Danielle and Brian will be giving an Earth Workshop discussing environmentally sustainable ways to relieve world hunger and rural poverty and the research discovered while traveling across sub-Saharan Africa for the Nourishing the Planet project. The event will also feature several guests from Slow Food International-supported projects that Nourishing the Planet has met with including, Edward Mukiibi from Uganda, co-founder of Developing Innovations in School Cultivation Project (DISC), Mangeons Local Founder Seck Madieng from Senegal, and Richard Haigh, founder of Enaleni Farm in South Africa.

To learn more about the additional and diverse Earth Workshops that will be presented at the event from native wools, honey and bees, to food safety and setting fair prices click here.

For those wishing to participate in the workshops who cannot attend the event, an online forum is available to everybody as a way to broaden the exchange of ideas.   Are you attending the event and want to meet with Nourishing the Planet? Email dnierenberg@worldwatch.org

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