Nourishing the Planet TV: 1,000 Gardens in Africa

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In this week’s episode, Nourishing the Planet research intern Evy Drawec discusses Slow Food International’s 1,000 Gardens in Africa project, a project that assists schools, villages and other small communities to develop food gardens. The project hopes to create a global network of farmers, producers and food communities that will help to raise awareness about local food traditions and improve regional food security and nutrition.


To read more about innovations that improve diets, nutrition and livelihoods, see: Cultivating Health, Community, and Solidarity, Cultivating an Interest in Agriculture and Wildlife Conservation, Malawi’s Real Miracle, Emphasizing Malawi’s Indigenous Vegetables as Crops, Turning the School Yard into a Classroom, School Feeding Programs to Improve Diets, Livelihoods and Local Economies, and Keeping Kids ‘Down on the Farm.‘

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