Climate, Climate Change and Public Health Workshop at Johns Hopkins University

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Next week, from April 12-14th, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) is hosting its “Climate, Climate Change and Public Health Workshop” in Baltimore.

GAIA_Global_Assimilation_of_Information_for_Action_Johns_Hopkins_University_JHUThe conference is part of JHU’s new initiative, Global Assimilation of Information for Action (GAIA), which is designed to focus on extreme weather events brought on by climate change and their impact on society, as well as to build connections between decision-makers and the research community. The workshop, focusing on the intersection between health and climate change, aims to bring together members of the academic, scientific, health, and grassroots activist communities to identify and prioritize research and policy needs that can help people working to address climate change and public health at the practical level. Registration is available online at the GAIA website.

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