Improving Global Food Security with Focus on Agriculture

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(Photo: Bernard Pollack)

A farmer in the village Akimoda, Ghana. (Photo: Bernard Pollack)

Check out this article outlining the Obama Administration’s focus on agriculture to reduce hunger and malnutrition in Africa. Two weeks ago, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made the following remarks at the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women, further emphasizing the administration’s focus on agriculture as a means to alleviating global hunger and poverty, as well as improving livelihoods and whole economies (via The Chicago Council on Global Affairs):

“Our global food security program, which I previewed here at the United Nations last September, is a $3.5 billion commitment to strengthen the world’s food supply, so farmers can earn enough to support their families and food can be available more broadly. And women are integral to this mission. Most of the world’s food is grown, harvested, stored, and prepared by women, often in extremely difficult conditions…. Giving these women the tools and the training to grow more food and the opportunity to get that food to a market where it can be sold will have a transformative impact on their lives and it will grow the economies of so many countries.”

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