Celebrate U.S. Food Day!

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By Rachael Styer

Celebrate! October 24 is U.S. Food Day. Events will be taking place around the United States to celebrate and promote food that is healthy, sustainable, affordable and fair. Think of it like a birthday party for food!

For more information or to find an event near you, visit www.foodday.org. You can even host your own event, such as teaching a cooking class, organizing a potluck with your friends or just making dinner for yourself or your family using fresh, healthy ingredients. However you celebrate, we wish you a happy Food Day full of flavor and fun! …And be sure to tweet about our video!

Rachael Styer is a Food and Agriculture Research Intern with Nourishing the Planet.

To purchase State of the World 2011: Innovations that Nourish the Planet please click HERE.

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