Laura Reynolds
Staff Researcher, Food and Agriculture

Laura Reynolds joined the Worldwatch Institute staff in 2012 and is a staff researcher with the food and agriculture program. Laura has written extensively for the Worldwatch website and has been published in news outlets including the Christian Science Monitor, Inter Press Service, China Daily, the Jakarta Globe, and Kenya’s Daily Nation. She is also the author of Worldwatch Vital Signs reports, including meat production and livestock populations.

Laura received a B.A. in 2010 from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she studied Modern History and Philosophy. Laura wrote her senior thesis on the impact of British imperial rule on the forests of India. Laura has completed research internships at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and Humane Society International. She has also worked on a goat farm in Oregon, volunteered at a school in Panama, sold produce at farmers markets in Washington, D.C., and apprenticed on an organic vegetable farm in Sperryville, Virginia.

Sophie Wenzlau
Staff Researcher, Food and Agriculture

Sophie Wenzlau joined the Food and Agriculture research staff in June 2012. Her main focus is the intersection between sustainable agriculture, food security, and development. Before coming to Worldwatch, Sophie spent time working with the Food and Farming team at Sustainable Connections in Bellingham, Washington, and also with the Jal Bhagirathi Foundation, a sustainable water development group in India. She holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the Western Washington University Honors Program, and has also spent time studying food security issues in Switzerland and Madagascar. She holds a teaching certificate in permaculture, a form of sustainable agriculture.