Nourishing the Planet Speaks on Nourishing People

Next week Nourishing the Planet co-project Director Danielle Nierenberg will head to Boston, MA to participate in the Tufts 5th annual Friedman School Symposium: Challenges and Advances in Nutrition Security.

photo credit: Bernard Pollack

The two day event brings together experts from all over the world to discuss the challenges–and opportunities–for meeting the nutritional needs of the world.

Danielle will give an in-depth discussion on the innovations in agriculture she has seen while traveling across sub-Saharan Africa that are working to improve local food security while also caring for ecosystems and preserving local biodiversity. While challenges do exist, farmers, NGOs, government agencies and policymakers are working together across the continent to implement solutions they’ve discovered and they are succeeding in alleviating hunger in their communities.

The diverse set of experts featured at the Symposium will include Deputy Secretary of the USDA, Dr. Kathleen Merrigan, Tracey Fox, President of Society for Nutrition Education, Richard Black, Vice President of Kraft Foods Global, and Meera Shekar, health and nutrition specialist with the Human Development Network in the World Bank.

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