Nourishing the Planet in The New Vision: Women’s Programs can be Improved

Check out the Letter to the Editor that Nourishing the Planet had in yesterday’s New Vision, Uganda’s largest newspaper. We wrote about the importance of strengthening programs for women in agriculture, in response to a recent article in which New Vision detailed the lack of women’s land ownership in the country. In sub-Saharan Africa, about 80 percent of small-scale farmers are women, and programs that improve their access to credit, training and resources have been shown to enhance food security and protect natural resources.

To learn more about innovative programs for women in agriculture, see The Abooman Women’s Group: We Started Our Own Thing, Acting It Out for Advocacy, Women Farmers: An ‘Untapped Solution’ to Global Hunger, Improving African Women’s Access to Agriculture Training ProgramsFeeding Communities by Focusing on Women.

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